There are two ways to order Isagenix products. You can either purchase at full retail prices or become a wholesale customer/associate to get lower prices and save up to $150 on your first order.

Become a member/Associate – Recommended (& cheapest) Option

You will save up to $150 on your first order and $$$’s more on future orders by becoming a wholesale customer or Isagenix Associate.

There is no minimum order or requirement to continue purchasing. You simply pay a small yearly membership fee  ($25-$50) and then your first and all future orders are charged at lower wholesale prices.

Take a look at the savings below -  Save $150 on your first order

30 day cleansing program

  • Standard retail price: $505.70
  • Associate price: $355 ($389 if autoship not selected – see below)
  • Saving: $150.70!

9 day cleansing program

  • Standard retail price: $253.50
  • Associate price: $187 ($195 if autoship not selected – see below)
  • Saving: $66.50

Wholesale/Associate Membership Fee and Autoship

To become a member of Isagenix there is a small membership fee – as you can see from the prices above you will save this and more on your first order and pay it back many times over when you re-order any of the wonderful Isagenix products in the future.

Recommended Membership Option

When you sign-up choose the Autoship option. This reduces your membership fee to $25 (from $50) and you get to purchase your cleanse at the lowest possible price.

You CAN pause, stop or edit your autoship at any time before your next order is due. There is NO OBLIGATION or requirement to receive another order.

If you sign-up online the system will ask you to setup your autoship order for 30 days times, however if you decide you don’t want this order you can call at ANYTIME to edit or cancel – no questions, no problems.

Please contact Tom White, Independent Isagenix Associate if you have any questions about this.

  • Standard Membership : $50
  • Autoship Membership : $25 (recommended)

How to order

When the choice is either paying full retail prices or saving $150+ there really is no choice.

The instructions for becoming a member and ordering your first products are below,  however some people find it easier to call us. We can have your order completed within 5 minutes.

To order online

Please follow the instructions below to order online.

To order at wholesale prices

  • To get started click here

    • Select autoship
    • Choose your cleansing program
    • Follow the instructions provided on the website
    • Don’t forget to set-up your autoship order
    • Complete your order.

To order at retail prices

Click here to start an online order

Don’t delay – you won’t regret your decision to choose Isagenix, the world leaders in nutritional cleansing to help get your health back on track.